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You saw the videos. Now do you think Taylor Swift copied 2ne1's video Come Back Home. Some of the scenes are so similar its uncanny. ٩(͡๏̯͡๏)۶
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@@kpopandkimchi 2ne1 is amazing!! my mom thinks it has to do with politics and that Taylor Swift probably collaborated with 2ne1. I highly doubt that though
I thought this was going to be a matter of lyrics. Yes both are futuresque and techy don't see it at all. It may be just because Taylor's was released the year after. if that's copying then Rhihanna did the crew shots and flaregun clips (she was a baddie with a real torch) in the JayZ's run this town mv years before. Taylor's video uses a shit ton of cameos and movie references. please tell me someone thought Fifth Element, Kill Bill, Expendables even. if anything, the person responsible for her video copied movies. Now as for which one I like....2NE1 of course!
@brownalb maybe she did use ideas from movies, however, certain clips are very similar to that of 2ne1 when it comes to the concept and feel of each scene as the video with the pictures show. the plot may have been different but this is something that should be looked into in order to make sure that there wasn't any copying done
Well he really laid it out. @BlackXShield I still don't see it. I see leelo from fifth element and the 007 invisible car. Also I don't get how featuring a skyline is copying haha. That youtuber pointed out the real similarities. It's more in the storyline.
@brownalb yeah his video is good, and I understand the points that he's trying to make. In spite of the fact that I'd like to go off of the obvious similarities I see in the 2 videos, I'm just going to pay attention to the facts and go by whatever the media predicts as the outcome. It seems like there's nothing to worry about though since 2ne1 won't be taking action/commenting on the matter