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Some people are like Cinderella, in the way that they can wake up without a hitch, brush their long, beautiful hair and flutter out the door. Others are like the Crypt Keeper, all blood-shot eyes and stiff limbs, rising out of bed like a zombie and going through the motions until they happen to arrive at work. If you are a Crypt Keeper, I may have some tips for you.

1. Always keep a glass of water or water bottle next to your bed.

The best thing you can do for yourself is drink a glass of water in the morning. The hydration will not only wake you up, but will also make you feel less dead. So just do it.

2. Pick out your outfit the night before.

Nobody, and I mean nobody looks forward to rummaging through a closet at 7A.M. Unless you're decked with designer duds, it's not that exciting of a task, so just do it when you get home after work. That way, you can just wake up and go. Just don't do it when you're drunk, you might run into some clashing issues. It's not like you've got magical effing birds to do your styling for you.

3. Set multiple alarms.

I like to set 3 alarms: Early, On Time, and Late, this makes me move in the morning. Early gives me enough time to dick around on my phone or whatever before I get up, then On-Time is when I try to get up, and Late is when I leave. It works like a charm.

4. If you have to wake up at an ungodly hour like...4AM, just stay up.

Yeah this may not be medically sound advice, but what the hell...If you're going to go to sleep at midnight, that 4 hours is going to make you tired than you'd be if you had just stayed up. Drink lots of coffee and just get on with your day. Sleep when you get back.

5. Play some music.

If you live alone, jam out as loud as possible, it'll make the morning feel like a trendy party, rather than a death sentence. Pick your absolute favorite songs and let them wake you up. Somewhere along the lines of failure and going back to sleep, they'll guide you through.
Good luck.
Today I found that chugging your first cup of coffee REALLY helps.
Great card! I dono what's going to work for me but since I started working (or since the climate got hotter) I find that I can no longer sleep in the days. I don't even feel sleepy no matter what time I get up, but I know it's only a matter if time before I start falling asleep at work, so I can refer to this card when that time comes.
@TerrecaRiley awesome glad the card can help. Let me know if you have success!