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He's a 22nd century man!!!!
Probably one of the lesser known Disney Channel shows (they can't all be Lizzie McGuire), Phil Of The Future was still a classic for any true Disney Channel fan. It was one of my personal favorites, mostly because of Phil and Keely's friendship (I was intrigued by male/female best friends my whole childhood).
After it ran for only two seasons, it sort of seemed like all the stars fell off the face of the earth, so let's see what they're up to now.
Any ten-year-old girl that says she didn't have a crush on Ricky Ullman is lying. He was one of Disney Channel's original hotties! Ricky has left the spotlight, but sounds like he's turned into a pretty cool guy. He's popular on Vine, has his own podcast and plays in a band (excuse me while I fall in love). Right after Phil of the Future he starred in Pixel Perfect (#tbt), and I need to reminisce about that movie with this video.
Phil and Keely went from best friends to a romantic relationship which was the dream scenario for my ten-year-old self. Aly Michalka is probably the most famous of Phil Of The Future stars, starring in several other Disney Channel originals and starting a band with her younger sister. Most of you probably know her from her role as Olive's BFF in Easy A.
Pim (one of the weirdest Disney Channel names I can remember) was the evil little sister and her pranks on Phil were a constant source of comedy on the show. She truly has fallen off the face of the earth since the show, starring in a couple tiny projects, but mostly entering into a normal life after a childhood of Disney Channel fame.
They're the three most memorable stars of the show...but even more memorable than them was the Phil Of The Future theme song, so I'll leave you with that.