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There is no 'Friend Zone', only 'Natural Selection'.
@jlee37 Haha you might be onto something there! That's what the guys in the "friend zone" always complain about, at least. I personally want to find someone who can be both my best friend and my sexy friend ;) hahaha. @danidee it definitely is a better way of framing things!! And also, I like natural selection because it kind of has this idea that choosing a mate is a natural, subconscious process - which I think it totally is. It's not as if I consciously decide who I am and am not attracted to! Guys who feel like you're in the friend zone – keep being the 'Nice Guy.' Your princess charming will appear one of these days :)
We'll find good ones someday, girls!!! :D @jlee37 @danidee
@jlee37 MINE TOO. It's the worst.
Hahahahahaha! My selections suck!
@allischaaff I haaaate the phrase 'friend zone'. I feel like it implies that girls can't be friends with guys without owing them something more. I think natural selection is much better! ;)
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