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The pool is the best place to be...ever. Even when its not 100 degrees, most people will brave the chilly water to enjoy the games that you just can't play on land.
Warning: This list will trigger a nostalgia wave so powerful you will have to find the nearest pool and cannon ball in.
Making your hair look like Martha Washington.
Having a Tea Party at the bottom of the pool.
Yelling secrets under the water to your friends.
The never ending battle of who can hold the longest hand stands.
Full pool Whirl Pool.
Morphing into a mermaid.
Chicken Fights. (until the life guards force you to stop)
@danidee its always win some and lose some with me and my sister!!!
I'm looking at that girl all the way to the right in the handstand picture and I'm like "I know that crooked feel, bro."
My sister and I have been critiquing each other's underwater handstands for as long as I can remember. Mine are always crooked. :'(
I want to go pool activity but I don't have any holiday and enough money. I just stay at my house.
Oh my goodness this card is amazing! You're right that I want to go jump in a pool and do all of these again :)