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This is a perfect snack for a picnic trip. You gonna need 4 large eggs
140 g (2/3 cup) sugar
2 Tbsp. honey
160 g (1⅓ cup*) all-purpose flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1 Tbsp. water
1 tsp. vegetable oil
520 g (18 oz.) homemade sweet red bean paste Step 1: Mix eggs, honey and sugar together. Step 2 : Add baking powder and the All-purpose flour into the eggs and mix well Step 3: Let the mixture rest for 15 mins then add 1 tbsp water
Step 4 : Oil your pan with towel and then remove the oil with another clean towel
Step 5 : Pour the mixture to the pan (depend on how big you want the snack to be)
Step 6 : When bubble form, flip it then cook for 30 seconds more then take it out
Step 7 : Put the red bean paste on the cake and put another piece on top
Step 1 : Soak the red bean in the water overnight (12h)
Step 2 : Cook the red bean in 5 minutes then pour all the water out
Step 3 : Cook it again for 1h30 or 2h and pour all the water out
Step 4 : Put the bean back in and put sugar in (depend on how sweet you want)
Step 5 : Set the fire on low and mix for 10 minutes until it tender
Original link, i just wanna share it :
Mmmm! Look like pancakes and sausage! I'll have to give that bean paste a try. Kind of reminds me of Baked Beans, or Pork n Beans, actually, which in some places are actually served with waffles. I usually add cinnamon, dark brown sugar, vanilla extract, and a bit of salt to a pan of baked beans. Similar to seasoning sweet potatoes, only I would use salted butter rather than salt. I would also on occasion add either crushed pineapples or diced onion and bell pepper. I bake the beans on 400 for forty-five minutes to an hour, and the beans become slightly thick, still wet and stir able, with a caramelized edge. If cooked longer, they become a paste-like consistency, although more ooey gooey. Delicious treat by themselves. However, I usually prefer them than BBQ sauce smothered over some BBQ ribs, but I could picture these going very well with these honey cakes.
I am so making this next weekend!
I will definitely love to make this! I'm not sure if I've ever had red bean paste, but I'm willing to try it out!! Thanks for posting this card @Areasus!!!!
@allischaaff it taste like honey and red beans XD
@Jaydia that sounds really good
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