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I'm sure you've already seen the Twitter War between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift.
Well, it just got a lot juicer. Katy Perry has sided with Minaj and ripped Swift to shreds, naturally. If you haven't already noticed, Perry and Swift do not exchange on social media. They absolutely hate each other. They used to be friendly back in the day but it eventually turned sour when Perry tried to hire people from under Swift's world tour. Swift claimed it was sabotage but Perry snapped back saying Swift was comparable to Mean Girls character, Regina George. Perry indirectly mocked Swift in Perry's Super Bowl performance. Then, Swift debuted her 'Bad Blood' music video which was a jab at Perry. And now Perry has fired back at Swift as the Twitter war unfolds...

Here's the tweet...

This is a reference to Swift's Bad Blood music video that is a jab at Katy Perry. This is the first tweet Perry has written about Swift in months. Perry is calling out Swift for being a hypocrite in this tweet. Interesting to see if there will be a response from Swift.

Please stop or I'll have to throw this coke in your face.

This is how Perry feels about Swift's comments and the media blowing this up as more and more celebrities join in on the debate...

I see you.

This is just a friendly reminder that the feud is still alive and Perry is watching you, Miss Swift.

In the end, Katy Perry is laughing her way to the bank since she's the highest paid female entertainer in the world. Shoo! Shoo, Taylor!

Damn!! I get way too much of a kick watching all this go down lol. I personally am on Nicki's side. Taylor made this all about her when clearly it is not. Do women with thin bodies need more sticking up for? no. Go home taylor.
I love Nicki so much, but damn do I hate Katy Perry. Like, sit yo candy ass down.
The grammar in that Katey Perry tweet lol. I had to read it like four times to figure out what the hell she was trying to say lol!
when the chips are down they dig what they can. I'm sorry but being highest paid entertainer changes every year. last year it was beyonce with taylor ranking second. with all this money and fame it only shows they have nothinh better to do. they all need to grow up. go entertain your fans with good music and leave the bickering for private one on one time. don't announce your problems. fix it like grown adults.
I don't love Katy, but she does have a point. I feel like Taylor Swift loves making herself out to be the 'fake underdog' when she's really not..
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