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We all love made-up, fake holidays, and today it's National Hotdog Day! This also gives me the excuse to celebrate all the junk food America loves. Start your morning right with a savory breakfast hotdog. Put away that bacon for today (unless it's wrapped around the hotdog, then we can let that slide).
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Alright, let's make this breakfast dog.

What You'll Need

Hotdog bun
Maple syrup
Salt & pepper

How To Make It:

1) Boil hot dog.
2) Fry egg in pan w/ oil. (@erichammer05 has some great egg-frying tips!)
3) Place hot dog in hot dog bun. Place fried egg on top of hot dog. Add salt & pepper to taste.
4) Drizzle syrup over hot dog.
Sweet, savory, and awesome for breakfast.
National Hot Dog Day, best day of the year
oh. my. god.
Maple syrup on hotdog and fried egg? I'm a bit skittish about the whole syrup on protein idea... But I'm gonna try it anyway and feed it to my roommate, just to be on the safe side ;)
Haha! Let me know what your roommates thinks.This hotdog + egg + syrup combination sorta reminds me of those McGriddles at McDonalds lol. @Animaniafreak