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We all love made-up, fake holidays, and today it's National Hotdog Day! This also gives me the excuse to celebrate all the junk food America loves. Start your morning right with a savory breakfast hotdog. Put away that bacon for today (unless it's wrapped around the hotdog, then we can let that slide).
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Alright, let's make this breakfast dog.

What You'll Need

Hotdog bun
Maple syrup
Salt & pepper

How To Make It:

1) Boil hot dog.
2) Fry egg in pan w/ oil. (@erichammer05 has some great egg-frying tips!)
3) Place hot dog in hot dog bun. Place fried egg on top of hot dog. Add salt & pepper to taste.
4) Drizzle syrup over hot dog.
Sweet, savory, and awesome for breakfast.
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National Hot Dog Day, best day of the year
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oh. my. god.
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Maple syrup on hotdog and fried egg? I'm a bit skittish about the whole syrup on protein idea... But I'm gonna try it anyway and feed it to my roommate, just to be on the safe side ;)
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Haha! Let me know what your roommates thinks.This hotdog + egg + syrup combination sorta reminds me of those McGriddles at McDonalds lol. @Animaniafreak
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