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So Ji Sub just dropped his latest single!

For those of you who only know So Ji Sub from K-dramas and movies, you should know that he is also a rapper.
What's cool about this song is that there are two versions (but with the same lyrics)!

Black Version

White Version

Which version do you like better? I still can't decide since both are so good!
Seriously! He kills fangirls with his acting and now brings on the feels with his awesome music as well?
What do you guys think of his rapping? I personally like his style of music and think it's cool that he engages in both his passions, acting and music.
@poojas oh my gooooooosh finally! haha my sister's gonna drool.
I listen to a lot of his music it doesn't have to be current for me but I did enjoy the song and video for 18 years that he dropped last year,the message was very powerful.
Now I don't know anything about him, but based on the sound alone, I'd go for the black version. The white version was okay, but the black was more my style. Maybe I should get into him.
@MattK95 What can I say? There will always be haters! @stevieq You said it well! "It's very hard for anyone to make a song and really make that song their own." Right on! And I listened to Love Me...it does seem a bit similar in terms of vibe. Thanks for your insightful comment about both versions of this song :) Can't wait for his new drama now ^^
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