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So I woke up yesterday morning and my newsfeed was explosive talking about Twitter beef and #meekmillbelike posts. So I looked and I seen the whole Nicki/ Taylor beef. I have to say, I have liked these artists a while ago. But I think their music isn't that great anymore. Particularly, I was shocked when Nicki made comments about choreography and body types. I'm sorry but I didn't think a bunch of butts jiggling in my face was particularly something that I was interested in, and honestly, I liked the original song before the one line was made into a whole other song. Then I see people are defending Nicki but I'm like, yo in every one of her verses, she pretty much said how she was giving it up to these guys and gaining material items from it. That's not inspirational at all. Sorry Nicki, I liked the old songs you made before you started ridiculing yourself and your body