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Shonda Land is a crazy place. Shonda Rhimes is known for producing some of the most dramatic series on television, with twists, turns and the occasional murder of your favorite character. She's produced plenty of shows over the years, but a few of her dramas stand out to me as those edge-of-your-seat, cliff hanger shows that you just can't stop watching.
The original Shonda show. Grey's Anatomy has become known for much more than its medical mysteries. Shonda spares no feelings in this show, killing off your favorite characters just for kicks. Grey's has dramatic romance and murder, but the medical aspect can oftentimes be pretty heartwarming. Shonda will cheer you up by saving a four-year-old patient, but then make you sad by murdering your favorite Seattle Grace doctor. If you like medical dramas (think ER), Grey's is the Shonda show for you.
One of the more recent Shonda shows, How To Get Away With Murder has all the elements of a classic Shonda show. Murder, betrayal, deceit and a couple inappropriate romantic relationships. The show follows a group of law students attempting to cover up the murder of their professor's husband. If you like law jargon, strong female leads and Dean Thomas from Harry Potter (he's a main character), then this might be the Shonda show for you.
The dramatic Grey's Anatomy spinoff involves less medical mysteries than Grey's, but has plenty of romantic drama and hot dudes to keep you entertained. Shonda Rhimes loves inappropriate workplace relationships, and Private Practice is full of them. If you're into Grey's for the romance and relationships more than the medicine, Private Practice will probably be a good Shonda show for you.
Of course Shonda had to do a political series. Add a few affairs and a couple of murders to the White House and Scandal is the perfect Shonda show. There's a strong female lead and people making out in the Oval Office, what more could you want? If you're into politics, albeit a little exaggerated, Scandal is the Shonda show for you.
@LauraFisher I think twisted is what I'm here for haha so few writers can surprise me anymore so I think that's what draws me to her work
@shannonl5 I know!! Same, she's a little twisted but man can she make good TV!!
I'm totally hooked on Shondaland... I'd move there if I could!
Yeah I agree @shannonl5 there are lots of predictable shows on TV these days, so the drama she adds definitely hooks me!