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"Always in my father's image."

"My son is allergic to water."

"Our favorite song to sing with the kids is Super Bass by Nicki Minaj."

"They told me this is authentically Mexican."

"You would think it would smell worse."

"My wife talked me into this."

"F**k you to the b**ch who did this to me! I HATE BIRDS!"

"Smiling creates wrinkles."

"Sir, I think you've lost your pants."

"Mom, Segways are never going to happen."

"He's emotional about the beauty of this dead forest."

"You're both nuts."

"I don't know what you're talking about, my kids love the Easter bunny."

"I'm sorry about the hat but please don't look at my bald spot."

"Meet Edith, Norma, Georgie, and Sam."


"Monkey see, monkey do, I love you."

"Yep, you sit on that truck."

"It only cost me $10."


Omg, the one where everyone isn't smiling. I love those. I make my friends take pictures like that with me all the time. I have photos from my birthday party this year where I made everyone in the picture act like they're really bored and hate being there. It was so funny.
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oh the last one hurt me. lmao. poor kid. its sad I know but funny.
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