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Dear Eric Hites,
Good luck on your ride across America. Sure you call yourself a “Fat Guy” on a mission. But you are more than that.
You are inspiration for all those who want a dream. All those that want to change their lives around, start an adventure, and a try something new. Yeah, you did it for your failing marriage, you did it for health, you did it for your career, but there’s is something bigger there.
You are doing it for the thousands of people watching you. The thousands that want to step outside their comfort zone and do something no one thought was possible.
You might be thinking: “How am I going to do this?” “I’m already exhausted." “My tire is already dented.” “I’m too old.” “I want to stop.”
But don’t stop. Keep going. For you, for love, and for all of us that wish we had the courage to do what you are doing.
So, hey, keep on pedaling.
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I think it definitely requires a specific type of person @allischaaff! not all of us are that daring.
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yea i myself started cyong at 325lbs and 2yrs later i was im at 200 and holding...i cycle everyday i get i can...uplifts the mood and its good for the body....more power to this man for his courage!
2 years ago·Reply
That’s amazing @ChazHyland! Congrats! I bet you worked really hard. I’ve alway really looked up to people that cycle. My grandmother was big biker, and still does long bike trips in her old age. Impresses me every day. I feel like I could really get into it!
2 years ago·Reply
yea it's like a poster ive seen before..."no matter how slow you go your still lapping everyone on the couch!"
2 years ago·Reply
Haha YES @ChazHyland love that so much!
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