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Way too many college and post grads are sexually active, yet are completely unsafe from both pregnancy and STDs.
Unfortunately, the world doesn't see this as a problem since Sex Ed classes where this information would be given out are either banned, or do way more harm then good.
So here is some much needed, myth busting, fact packed info about Birth Control.

1. Biggest Myth To Be Busted... The Pill Will Not Cause Weight Gain!

Too many times I have heard women and girls refuse the pill because "I don't want to gain wight". Well, you won't. Very early versions of birth control did cause weigh gain (but I mean hey, so does pregnancy), however, modern day pills do not.
Some girls might notice weight gain on the pill and there are two logical reasons, and it isn't the pill;
a. They start it during their teenage years where its natural to have weight changes
b. They start during a committed relationship were its statically proven most people gain some pounds.

2. The Pill (when used properly) is nearly 100% effective

This is true, and when taken as directed it will account for less 1 out of 100 pregnancies a year. The reason the pill isn't 100% effective is because they need to account for human error.
Pills must be taken between the same two hours, daily. A missed pill or even a pill taken hours later then the usual time will increase your chances of pregnancy.
Studies show that nearly 43% of unplanned pregnancies occurred because of incorrect use of birth control. So set an alarm and keep your pack in your bag to make it quick and easy.

3. Myth #2: Birth Control Will Not Effect Your Fertilization

Again, years ago doctors believed prolonged periods of birth control would effect your ability to conceive but that has been proven false. The minute you are ready to pro create, just stop taking the pill and start doing the fun part.
Just think, if missing your pill by a few HOURS can cause a pregnancy, (remember that 43%) then it is not effecting your fertility what so ever.

4. Find The Brand that Works For You

All birth controls are just as effective, weather its the name brand or the generic version. However, not all birth controls will work for your body. If you think the hormone level is to much or you are experiencing weird side effects, go back and your doctor will adjust your prescription. Its all trial and error, kind of like jean shopping.
Also, the medicine you take besides birth control matters just as much as the medicine you may need after your are on birth control!! So speak up!

5. IUD Is The Most Effective Brand of Birth Control

There are sooooo many types of birth controls: the pills, diaphragm, the patch, female and male condom, IUD, implant, the list goes on.
But, the IUD is the most effective form of birth control, 20 times more effective in fact. They are small and T-shaped and inserted into the uterus to completely eliminate human error. And yes, they are completely safe and totally reversible.

6. Male Birth Control Is On the Horizon

Hell yeah, I repet Male birth control is in the making! We don't have an exact date yet, however after scientist discovered ways to decrease the sperm production in mice, they are going full stream ahead. Because it isn't just the woman's responsibility to not get pregnant.
It takes two to tango.
So now you know the important facts. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me! Just remember if you are grown up enough to make the decision to start having sex, you should be ready to make the grown up decision to be responsible about it!
@LauraFisher haha i think everyones high school self could have. thankfully i had the best gyn in college and she told me EVERYTHING
Ugh so many myths about birth control circulate, but these facts are so important!! Such a helpful card, my high school self could have used this info hahaha
@shannonl5 yes you are totally correct!!!! and some people don't realize that and will take anti biopics for like strep and not realize that their putting themselves at risk for a pregnancy !!!!
This is such good information to know! Of course you should still use condoms if you're on the pill, preventing STIs is really important (especially if you're worried about your fertility). This isn't a myth but it's important to know: some antibiotics can reduce the effectiveness of birth control. Definitely not something you want to find out the hard way!