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What's the cutest thing about your crush? Is it...

His Eyes

Their gorgeous color, and how they crinkle when he laughs?

His Arms

How strong and warm they are, like they could protect you from the whole world?

His Smile

... and those dimples that make you melt?

His Tattoos

And how they show off facets of his personality?

His Muscles

And how incredibly sculpted they are, making you feel like a tiny weakling?

His Intelligence

How he can hold an incredibly varied, rich, deep conversation about life, art, books, whatever?

His Love for Animals (and People)

How he's so kind to kittens and loves to help puppies in need?

His Sense of Humor

How he makes you laugh hysterically until your face hurts?

His Appreciation of You

How he makes you feel so special, unique, cherished, and beautiful each day?

What's your favorite thing about your crush? Share below! :)

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I don't want to be super gross and cheesy buttttt with my current crush, I can't even pin point one thing? It's just him. He's cute. He's a cutie.
Haha i'd say that's a good sign ;) I like cuties. The best is when cutie and hottie overlap into one perfectly crushable guy ^.^ My current crush, i'd say my favorite thing about him is his sense of humor.