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so, im scrolling through the feed, and i soon came to the realization that I have not yet reviewed this video... and so, to the review vehicle!
SO, this video is pretty awesome, though, with my weak korean skills, i didnt know what was going on haha. But, the song itself had me jamming (as all kpop does) and maintains that warm fuzzy feeling as you watch it. but after watching this, i came to see somewhat of a trend. so, i wont repeat myself over costantly, and instead, just say that those graphics and fashion i mentioned previously in my reviews the music is good though , i can see myself studying to this once school comes back around, and like many other kpop songs this time of year, it has quite the summery feel.
nevertheless, id listen to this anytime id need something to keep me motivated :) DO YOU THINK DIFFERENTLY ? COMMENT YOUR OPINIONS :) :) -Melz
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I only heard this like an hour ago for the first time, but I definitely love it to bits :)