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Kim Hyung Joong gave the worse case of Second Lead Syndrome to us K-drama fangirls in Boys Over Flowers. He's come a long way since then and has changed from a flower boy to a flower man (Is that a thing? lol).
Here are some photos of handsome Hyun Joong from his flower boy days. ^_^
Look forward to more styles at K-Drama Star Style! ^_^
@jkpop in case u didn't know he is been proven innocent their is no proof found for all her accusations against him instead all her accusations were proven it's been already proved she was making everything up and blackmailing him as @Emealia already said its his personal life none of of our business nd regardless of that whole story he is someone who truly cares for his fans nd we love him 4 that nd always will . khj fightinggg
@jkpop because we're fans. You stick by those you are a fan of through everything. We are a fan of his work, his career, of him. He has made so many of us smile. The situation with his ex, is really none of our business regardless of it being thrown into the public eye. I'm not defending him and I'm not against him because we don't know both sides of the story.
@jkpop because we are his fans. if you don't think he deserves your admiration no one asked you to. Real fans don't leave their idol because of rumors and scandals. We knew the truth all along that that woman was lying and only wanted money. now it has been proven in a court of law. also if you don't like him then why read this card that is ALL ABOUT HIM and make a comment that is obviously trying to stir up trouble? i thought there was a rule about that in this community? @poojas @passthesuga am i wrong?
kHJ is bae for life
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