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Watch this video and look at how junk food is freshly cultivated, especially pizza!
Okay, so this was actually was parody. The video played by Nick Offerman, in collaboration with American Heart Association. The video was made to send a message to Congress about the Health, Hunger-Free Act of 2010.
The video's goal is to point out how ridiculously unhealthy, and not quite "natural" American school cafeteria lunches are.
Because let's be real, tomato paste or pizza aren't vegetables. These are the types of advertisements I dig.
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Ahhhh! I'm thinking I need pizza for lunch lol probably shouldn't have watched. I need to find me a pizza farm like ASAP!
Hahahaha this is genius. I love Nick Offerman. That man could sell me anything. It's especially funny because this is so in line with his Parks n Rec character
YES RON SWANSON. This is fantastic, and funny!
why can't pizza be raw and organic ?