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Was it your friend who introduced you to that one music video? Was it a K-Drama and a few wrong clicks in YouTube?
Was it that one singer that gave you hope to get you threw the day?
That one song that made you start dancing, introduced you to a new group of friends, changed your life?

Who do you want to say thank you to in the wonderful world of Kpop?


I found Kpop through a loophole of Jpop videos on YouTube. A few wrong clicks took me to a video where I saw TVXQ/JYJ's Kim Jaejoong. Something about his voice and face captured my attention and drew me into this crazy world.
I would not be writing this card, or probably even be aware of this wonderful fandom, if it weren't for this man.
Thank you, Jaejoong.


School, life, growing up. It all left me with less time and less interest in Kpop, until Infinite came along. As an Epik High fan I was excited for Infinite's debut (they're on EH's old label) and something about them reminded me why I love Kpop. Suddenly I was back to studying Korean and getting excited about things again!
Thank you, Infinite.


Again, different situations in life made me lose interest in the fandom (mainly because I think I hadn't really made Kpop friends. I only had the music and no connection to any real human beings)
Then Rock Your Body came out and brought me right back to the beginning. I suddenly made VIXX fan friends and felt like I belonged to something finally. It wasnt just me liking this weird music, it was me liking this weird music with other weird people.
Thank you Vixx, thank you Starlights.
And thank you Vingle Kpop community. I love you guys and you really make me feel like I belong somewhere. It's easy to feel a little lost and lonely when no one around you is into what you're into, but then I can just come talk to you guys and realize there are so many people who I can talk to.
Thank you EVERYONE. You have no idea how important you all are to me :)
beautiful post
Thank you Taemin's shirt in the Lucifer dance practice. When I was going to click on the next video, I saw that magical shirt and stopped in my tracks. Then I noticed the amazing Taemin, then the dance, then the song, then the kpop.
AWWWW <3<3<3 I am thankful to my best friend from college for making me watch Big Bang's Fantastic Baby MV! It was the start of my Kpop fangirl life XD