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So Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan) is going to be a live action movie! Coming this August to Japanese theatres, the movie looks like it will do its best to remain true to the source material, and the effects for the titans look awesome.
The anime is an action-horror type, focusing on protagonist Eren as he and the rest of humanity are plagued by the sudden reappearance of Titans, colossal man-like figures who seek only to consume humans.
The story will take place over two films, Part 1 and APrt 2, with Part 1 seeing an August 1 release in Japaenese theatres. Part 2 will follow on September 19.
This doesn't mean that American audiences should feel left out, though. Funimation, the studio responsible for the American distribution of iconic Japanese programs like Dragon Ball Z and others, has secured the rights for an American release, scheduled for the fall, though with no specific date yet.
There was an American premiere of the film on July 14, in Japanese with English subtitles. The reception seems to have went well and we can expect to see the film later this year.
To sooth your desires (or maybe pique them) you can watch the trailer for the live-action movie here:
I'll be watching, and possibly buying this ^^
@VinMcCarthy they put him as humanity's strongest soldier like in the anime, and a criminal like in the anime, but both things at the same time. the first movie is on KissAsian, a website related to KissAnime. Aldo, the second one is in there but Russian dubbed.
@LeviBenLight that's awesome! I haven't gotten to see them myself but I plan to at some point in the future. It's good to know they didn't write Levi out completely too. Is he just as badass?
I watched the live action, both movies, and they're sooooo amazing. I saw the first one thrice and the second one twice. Levi IS in the movie, but known as Shikishima because instead of having the movie German like the show, they have it Japanese.
this movie was a disappointment
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