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It’s the summer, and you are looking to shed some presidential pounds. What better way to learn how then following the leader of the free country? He’s got to have some moves up his perfectly starched sleeves. So if you want to get fiscally fit, follow these tips:


Start off with a little stretching to loosen up those muscles. You can use props to help you. Like your limo, a column on the White House, or your body guard (they are pretty stable). It’s essential in your exercise.


Time to get that Head of State heart pumping! So you make silly faces when you run? The press is just going to have to deal with it. Running time is YOU time.


It’s time to bulk up and build those muscles. Commander in Chief...more like Commander in Beef? AmIRite?! (ok, that one was pretty bad)

Workout with Buddy

The president loves some competition, especially when running. Pick a buddy that challenges you politically and physically. You want to be fit? You are going to need some competition.
Last but not least, make sure to have fun. Being the POTUS is pretty stressful so those endorphins will really keep you calm down and lead the country.
Forget Dad Bod. #GovBod is IN.