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Four Things Martin And Gina Taught Us About Relationships

Growing up they were everyone's favorite television couple -- or at least they should've been.

They were the perfect representation of a couple that loved each other, but went through the normal ups and downs in your typical relationship. Nothing was sugar coated when it came to their love life. It was real, it was raw and it was a relationship that many people looked up to -- and still do. They taught us the real deal about breakups and makeups, living together, financial issues, trust issues, but most of all they taught us about love. It wasn't easy, but it was worth it and Martin and Gina showed us that for five full seasons.
Through the laughs and the tears, we sat back and only dreamt of having a relationship similar to these two someday. Although it wasn't perfect, it was special and that's all that really mattered. If watching Martin didn't teach us anything else, you at least took with you a better understanding of love and reciprocity each and every episode. Whether you were a fan of the show or not -- here are four things that Martin and Gina taught all of us about relationships.

Relationships Are Not A One Way Street

Martin and Gina would have their disagreements, but in the end they always made up because the love was there. They both knew that they loved each other and in order for their relationship to grow it would take time and effort from both parties and not just one.

A Sense Of Humor Is Always Needed

Without a great sense of humor your relationship will be dry and boring. Martin and Gina both had a different sense of humor, but they balanced each other out. Sometimes a good laugh (or Martin called it a 'jokey joke') from your other half is all you need to get yourself going.

You Love Them Regardless

Whether you have got knocked out in the boxing ring or your head gets stuck in the bed frame, when you love someone -- you love them through it all. Martin and Gina showed us that love is about being there always and through it all -- no matter how tough things get, you stick around.

When You Know, You Just Know

When the time is right you will no -- no need to second guess or question anything. If that person is meant for you, nothing will keep them away -- no breakup, no argument, nothing.

When you find your Martin or Gina, you'll know. Be patient.

Awww this is so cute! :D
loved that episode of the boxing ring.... he wanted a kiss.... too funny.... great card...
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