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On Screen BFFs, Off Screen Enemies

I love TV best friendships. They seem so genuine that you can only assume the actors are best friends off screen as well. Apparently that's naive. Plenty of on screen BFFs actually dislike each other in real life. If you're a TV lover, the truth might break your heart like it did mine.
Serena and Blair had tons of friendship drama on Gossip Girl, going back and forth between loving and hating each other. No matter how bad the on screen fight was, the two reconciled and decided their friendship was worth it. Off screen, that's apparently not the case. It's rumored that the girls had lots of tension on set, and now that Gossip Girl has ended, they barely speak.
Excuse me while I cry for the next hour. Luke and Lorelai were best friends and eventually romantically involved, so it seemed obvious that they got along off screen as well. Apparently Scott Patterson is grumpier than Luke Danes, making it hard for him and Lauren Graham to get along on the Stars Hollow set.
Hopefully these two have worked out their differences for The X Files reunion series, but when it originally aired, this crime-solving duo actually despised each other. David Duchovny has been quoted several times saying "we can't stand the sight of each other", so it's not even a passive aggressive off screen relationship, just one of total hatred.
Another set of BFFs turned boyfriend/girlfriend, Luke and Brooke on One Tree Hill had a dramatic off screen relationship. The two dated, got married, then divorced, all while filming the show. Imagine acting alongside your ex-husband. Sounds incredibly awkward to me.
For all the adorable quotes about friendship that Carrie says on Sex and the City, it appears that the off screen friendship was not as healthy. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall are two of the most well known frenemies, and their negative relationship almost stopped the Sex and the City movie from happening (thank god it didn't).
This card was a hard one for me to write as a TV lover, but I'm just going to deny the off screen relationships and remember the amazing friendships these stars had on TV.
WHAT?! That's crazy about Luke and Lorelai. They had amazing chemistry on screen — I would've thought they would have been best friends in real life!
@JordanNash I know, I'm slightly devastated about that. @nicolejb I'll see what I can find ;) that sounds even worse to me than pretending to be friends...pretending to be a love interest ahhhh
That’s when you know the acting is good! lol. I was once cast in a play once where I had to be in love with a guy that I really didn’t like at all in real life. But the show must go on! I’d be interested to see a how many romantic-relationship stars that didn’t get along! (card request!)
Sometimes hate and love are remarkably similar emotions ;) @JordanNash
There was a similar situation on Golden Girls with Bea Arthur and Betty White, well basically Bea Arthur and everyone she worked with. But you definitely can't tell on screen. That's what makes these people so good at what they do, they can put aside themselves and truly be the character.
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