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It's time for FOMO Friday again^^


Here's some of the big things that happened this week in the Kpop community. Comment below if you're new so everyone can say HIIII~~~

Z.TAO Releases Solo MV

SM Ent definitely lost a good one with Tao, his solo debut is fantastic! Watch the full MV here on @samanthaa100's card!

When Kpop Doesn't Let Us Give Up

We all have our own battles to fight, but Kpop is always there to help us fight them. Here is a playlist of songs plus a ton of recommendations in the comments for songs that help us keep going through whatever life throws at us. Check it out here.

Groups You Didn't Know Existed

This week @TMinusEleven is here to introduce you to some Nugus who deserve more love. Test your Kpop knowledge and see how many people you know on this list right here!

Tell me about your K-pop ships!

You know you have one! Share you favorite Kpop OTP on @poojas card right here!

Kpop Handwriting Challenge

Check out @ephneyt's challenge and upload your own answers! Don't forget to tag @ephneyt and anyone else you want to participate!

Taylor Swift accused of copying 2NE1’s “Come Back Home”

Check out the conversation going down on @BlackXShield's card about the news coming out about T/Swift and 2NE1. Share you thoughts in the comments here!

Gemini Joins Vingle

Korean-American rapper Gemini has joined Vingle! Give him lots of love @whoisgemini and check out some of his work on @JazzyPie's card here!
Hi. I'm somewhat new here. I've had my account for almost 9 days now. It's nice to meet everyone.
@sarahmoss nice to meet you too :)
nice to meet you @BlackXShield
@kpopandkimchi Lolz you don't have to apologize. I love this community and I hope to learn more about it. Everyone's so nice :)
@BlackXShield Welcome welcome!! Apologies if we come off as a little crazy hahahaha
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