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Alll I can say is thank god for alywoah card about a delicious looking breakfast hot dog or I would have had absolutely no idea that today is National Hot Dog Day!
So to add to her delightful and very creative breakfast hot dog, I want to give you a few super easy, but totally different hot dogs to tuck into for dinner tonight. Because lets be real, if you slap anything onto a hot dog its going to taste GREAT!

A Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog

Super easy and totally American, this hot dog is something to relish...(get it).
Anyway, just wrap the hot dog wrapped in bacon, cooked to perfection, cut in half and added some grilled onions.
And don't forget all the fixings like ketchup, mustard, relish (now do you get it), anything really!

Mac and Cheese Hot Dog

Looking absolutely god like (yet still so easy to make) this mac and cheese hot dog is everything I will ever need in life. Make some mac and cheese and throw a pile, and I mean a pile, on top of your hot dog and bun. Sprinkle some bacon and ketchup and it'll be like a dinner at a 5 star restaurant.

The Tex Mex Hot Dog

Create your favorite homemade guac recipe or just go to the store and buy it, add some lettuce, hot sauce if you're feeling daring, and throw on that crispy hot dog.
If you want you can even take it one step futures and make it like Nachos! Add sour cream, cheese, jalapeño, even some crushed chips! Yum.

Corn Dogs

If you ever had one, you understand why you need to eat at least one today. If you haven't had one, stop whatever you are doing and go eat one! Deep Fried America on a stick, you can dip this in any sauce and it will only make it better.

Crunchy Nacho Crescent Dogs

This might be the mother load of all hot dogs to eat today. Mini hot dogs wrapped in crescent rolls stuffed with cheese and coated with crushed tortilla chips your stomach will be begging for a National Hot Dog week.
For complete recipe click here!
Dude, the Crunchy Nacho Crescent Dogs. WOAHH
@alywoah i know right. its unreal. i need to try it