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Hey fellow romantics out there! :D I wanted to know more about our lovely Love & Relationship community, so here's a little poll for everyone.

Are you single, mingling, or taken?

And feel free to add why you're happy that way, whether you're looking, if the thought of all romance makes you wanna barf, etc. :)
I've been dating Matthew Gray Gubler quietly for the past 5 years now. So quietly, in fact, that he has no clue that I even exist.
I am single, and this is my moto, my logo for the past 3 years. I like it so much, being single. I don't have anything against people in a relationship as far as they don't judge me because I'm single. Being single doesn't mean being alone. It means you are in a reletionship with yourself, which isn't always easy haha. My ambitions are what I want to spend my energy on. When I'll be ready and when I will want to, maybe I'll think about another logo.
Oh, I guess I should mention (since I'm the one who asked lol) that I am single & mingling hardcore ;)
I'm engaged to the most handsome sweet man in the whole world. Tying the knot next year. Happy, stressed, excited, impatient. Sorta want the day to get here already but love the planning of it too. I love love love him. <3
Hey, hope you're well and good there @allischaaff Thanks for the tag! Personally, I think love is supposed to be a really intimate emotion. Many might call my take on it a little primitive, but I still believe in the concept of the selfless kind of love, inclined more towards earning that satisfaction of seeing your loved ones smile, even sometimes at your own cost. Oh and yeah, I'm single lol. But I'm not really looking. :) Thanks for sharing this post. Have a great day!
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