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Love & Relationships Poll! Are you single, mingling, or taken? <3
Hey fellow romantics out there! :D I wanted to know more about our lovely Love & Relationship community, so here's a little poll for everyone.

Are you single, mingling, or taken?

And feel free to add why you're happy that way, whether you're looking, if the thought of all romance makes you wanna barf, etc. :)
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@onesmile That's awesome!! @drea4u agreed. No fairy tale...
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im in a relationship for 44months! :D we're opposite of each other which allows us to bring out the best in each other. our differences made it more fun in our relationship. he's the bully type and im the typical quiet girl who is always bullied. you can now imagine the scenario right. but im learning how to bully him. haha!. but overall we are happy and being victorious every trials.
2 years ago·Reply
Happily Taken :)
2 years ago·Reply
Oops, got here a little late! I'm single, too~
2 years ago·Reply
That's really awesome @biancaP :D 44 months is incredible, good for you guys!! Almost 4 years... wow <3_<3 I look forward to the day when me and my significant other can say such a thing! :D I find that it's important to balance each other out in a couple. My mom and dad are very different people, but somehow very complimentary too. I guess it's true - opposites attract! @Kirsssten congratulations to you too, hope he's treating you right! ;D @ChristinaBryce that's okay I'm glad you got here!! :D Isn't being single the best?? I'm very into it. But I know being in a relationship can be so much fun too :3
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