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Hey all you creative folks out there! We're back again with a new weekly flash fiction prompt! Woohoo!
All the responses to these prompts have been awesome so far, and I am always excited to see more creatives doin' their thing. I just hope that today's prompt encourages the same level of reponse that we've been seeing thus far.
Today's prompt I'm trying to leave as open as possible. Here it is:

It is the last first day for someone. What is it, where is it, why is it? It's all up to you. 360 words or less.

Good luck, writers! (@lizarnone this one isn't allowed to be a downer for you!)

I MIGHT TRY THIS ONE, but I'm a bit apprehensive because I'm not nearly half as creative as the rest of you guys.
OH WTF ! I totally read that wrong I had such a good one planned !! ill just have to do two!
@lizarnone I said no downers for yours this time! read the fine print!
@danidee no self-deprecation in this place! I believe in you!
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