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Alright A.R.M.Y,
I think we've all been avoiding this truth for a long time now. But as a fellow A.R.M.Y I just have to be the one to say it...

J-Hope is the best BTS member!

This is totally not just because Hopie is my BTS bias! XD
Here's more proof as to why he's the best! ^_^

He has the best smile/laugh ever!

Do you even aegyo? Get on his level!

He's the goofiest member of the group!

Dance King!

He is the BTS mom and adores his fellow members!

He can get dramatic when the time is right!

He has the best "I'm judging you" face!

He is secretly a skilled martial artist!

He is an amazing singer!

Finally, he is J-Hope and he gives people hope!

Did I miss any other reasons why J-Hope is the best?
Hope we are all on the same page now! J-Hope is the best!!!
Totally necessary gif of an intense and scary J-Hope!
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Yaaaasss!! Ultimate bias^^
As convincing as your card was, I still think Rap Monster is the best 馃榾馃槝
all of them are the best because they're BTS :) and jhope isn't the mom, that's definitely Jin lol
I can appreciate this card!!! I love Hobi too 馃挍馃挍馃挍 I don't think there's a best, but I DEFINITELY ADORE HOBI 馃挍馃挍馃挍馃挍 he's such a sweet marshmallow!!!!
Have to disagree....don't think he's the best of BTS....but I won't say whom I think is. that way I won't start an argument.