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Many of you guys might not know this but I'm African-American and I grew up in a very "black" family. Meaning in my house our food is American, our music is American, and we only speak english. My parents (especially my mother) are old school and conventional so when I started liking Korean culture it wasn't really accepted. My father in the end is fine with it and sometimes shows some interest and will listen to my CDs when we come back from Hmart(he also loves kimchi lol). He also doesn't care that I have a thing for Asian or Korean men because he only cares about me being happy. My mother on the other hand is not fond of the idea of me marrying an asian man. To her it looks "weird" for a black girl to run around with some asian dude. The thing is yes I am VERY attracted to asian men BUT in the end I'll marry who I want. If I fall in love with a korean guy who loves me back I will marry him. If I meet a black guy who I love and treats me right I'll marry him. At the end of the day I will marry who I want no matter what race. So my question is: How do you feel about interracial marriage?
At the end of the day, love is love. Nothing to do with race, gender, or age.
Do what makes you happy ^^
Yeah what @kpopandkimchi said! (βŒ’β–½βŒ’)
What @kpopandkimchi said! ^_^ You do you, other opinions don't matter :)
I'm the same way. And I know how you feel. But, what @kpopandkimchi said is true. Go be happy girl!!!