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Apparently Drake took things a bit too far in his support of the Wildcats during his last visit.

Upon his arrival to Big Blue Madness at Kentucky last year, the Toronto native was told told that he couldn't meet any of the recruits, because that would be a violation of NCAA rules. The University worried that the OVO God’s presence would seem like an added incentive to attend Kentucky over other schools.
Despite the warning, Drake still reached out and connected with high school student athletes during the visit. The NCAA has caught wind, and Kentucky stepped up with a harsh warning before heavy sanctions ensue.

As a result of the pictures Drake took with potential student athletes during the visit, Sporting News reports that the University Of Kentucky was forced to place strict guidelines on Drake's interaction with basketball recruits.

According to Sporting News, the school "issued a cease-and-desist letter to [Drake] directing him to refrain from conversations with prospects or taking photos with prospects when that conversation or photo occurs outside the parameters established by the NCAA."
This one is pretty weird. Reports state that the school did everything in their power to restrict Drizzy the night of as well, placing staffers strategically throughout the arena’s corridors to prevent him from coming into contact with recruits.
Let’s hope that Drake learned a lesson from this and respects the parameters the school put into place. I know he doesn’t want to hurt his favorite college program.