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A sequel to the ever popular "What Your Favorite Beer Says About You" post for the hard drinkers out there.
Gin? Vodka?
What kind of person are you?
Find out today! It's like...super important.

If You're a Vodka Drinker...

You're an adventurous person with a lot of great ideas, you just sometimes have trouble putting them into action. People tend to follow your lead because you're fun and exciting, but you also tend to black out a lot and lead your troops on pilgrimages for pizza and beer that end in passing out in the street. You party hard.

If You're A Gin Drinker...

You've got a snooty and refined side that goes away completely when you drink too much. You're a confessional drunk who gets deep and deluded when it gets to be late at night. You tend to be a little more reckless than most, but can clean up when necessary. You do okay for yourself, but you may have a few screws loose.

If You're A Whiskey Drinker...

You mean business! Either you're a cowboy or someone who just wants to be wasted, whiskey is not for the faint of heart. You probably do things a little differently than your friends and when they're all passed out drunk you are awake with ease. You're actually pretty badass.

If You're A Rum Drinker...

You probably are a pirate...or want to be a pirate right? Rum is a liquor for people who long for the beach. Corona is to beer what Rum is to liquor. You like to sit and watch all of your dopy friends drink other liquors, but you know where the party's at. You can polish off a bottle, but you still get sick...because rum is so sweet. It's not the worst liquor in the world.

If You're A Tequila Drinker...

You can get pretty wild. You're the person that is always screaming "shots" when people are like, dying. You also get awkwardly personal with people when you're drunk, like personal space dude. You never stop partying and you know how to have a good time, but you may have a problem...or several. You might want to take a look at that.
Also that's Justin Timberlake dressed like a lime, promoting his on Tequila Sauza 901, quite tasty.

If you're a Mixed Cocktail drinker...

You're probably a WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO girl or someone who just loves trying new shit. You love your fancy drinks and want everyone to know how fancy you are.
Admit it, you've seen every episode of the Tipsy Bartender and know how to make drinks nobody's ever heard of. It's cool though, you may be a bartender some day. And if so...can you give me free drinks? ;)
If You're A Cognac Drinker...
You're Kanye West.
I'm forever a WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO girl. Last night I had an 'iced toddy' at a bar, and it was 'WOOOOOOOOOOO girl' epicness in a cup.
That brings back some memories @danidee. I had to make toddy 3x week at The Coffee Bean. Glad those days are over!
Yes...why is the rum always gone?!? @JordanNash
Haha I'm a rum drinker and yes, Johnny Depp is my idol and I have watched the Pirates of the Caribbean movies about 30 times. haha and now I want some rum :)
@TessStevens My question everyday
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