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I'm sure people are wondering how a 35 year old man suddenly falls in love with all things Korean... its a long story.
I'm an American soldier. Usually we only stay a year but I'm getting out of the army from here so they decided to have me finish my time I got to stay 18months.
I got here and decided to make the best of it... I needed to meet some korean friends, start learning the language, explore, try all the food and expirience the culture.
Food has been awesome
awesome friends
Explored on beautiful adventures (with my friends)
getting out to expieriance the culture and learn the language...I found and fell in love with the real Korea...good and bad... I started to watch TV and listen to the music to help me learn the language (a little opposit of most American Kpop fans) and became hooked ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (just in case anyone has seen this "ㅋㅋㅋ.." and was wondering about is the korean letter "keyot" and usually makes the sound "k"...put a few together and you have a chuckel...aka, the korean version of "lol" well that was a lot more work and a lot less organised than I had planned...ttyl8r
wow that's awesome!!! I'm so glad you fell in love with Korea and can add it onto a list of amazing things in your lifr!! as a Korean American I've only been to Korea once and i was still a minor and i had no friends nor relatives my age to hang out with!!! I'm glad you had a fun time immersed in the Korean culture!!
@poojas & @jlee37, it has been one of the best times of my life here... the only way it would have been any better is to have my wife and kids with me... but they will be next time... and I'll have the added freedom of being a civilian and not having the military tell me what I'm allowed to do, where I can go and when
@robertmarsh thank you!!! I will go check it out :)
This is really cool. Thanks for sharing your story! And it does seem like the opposite K-pop fans are usually trying to visit Korea and are usually preparing for the culture and language before visiting haha.
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