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If he's in love with you, the signs will be bright as day.

From his simple gestures to the way he stares into your eyes. No need to go searching near and far when you have a good thing right in front of your face. Just because he comes over to spend the evening watching movies and sends you texts throughout the day doesn't necessarily mean that he is completely invested in the relationship. If he's about you, you will know automatically.
In most cases, it takes longer for a guy to fall in love compared to a woman, so if he's fallen for you -- hold on tight and don't let him go. Sometimes your vision can be a bit blurry, but if you're curious as to whether you and your lover boy have a future together -- here are five ways to tell that he is madly in love with you.

He Makes An Effort

Whether that effort is to see you throughout the week or simply put a smile on your face, his main goal is to make sure that you're satisfied at the end of the day. He puts your feelings first and your happiness means a lot to him. His effort doesn't go unnoticed.

He Enjoys Your Company

He makes it his business to spend a nice amount of time with you when he's able. He loves being in your company and vice versa. Canceling an evening with the fellas to just lay up and spend hours talking to you is nothing to him. Being around you is all that matters to him at the end of the day. The time apart makes the two of you miss each other and every single moment spent together is worth the wait.

He Looks You In Your Eyes

He could be staring at you from a distance or talking to you about something rather important, but he always manages to make eye contact -- as if it gives him a specific connection he's been longing for.

He Introduces You To His Family And Friends

Getting acquainted with the family and friends is a huge step and he has absolutely no problem introducing you. If he didn't think you were special, he probably wouldn't even waste his time. Don't worry, they'll love you just as much as he does.

He Opens Up To You

It's easy for your beau to feel vulnerable around you and that's okay. He has no problem letting his macho man guard down for a bit and showing you that he does indeed have feelings.

If any of these signs sound pretty familiar to you, your man has been hit by cupid.