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No more bad blood here!

After a really heated feud between two of the world's biggest pop stars, they have made amends. Taylor Swift tweeted some faux feminism and racist comments unintentionally at Nicki Minaj causing a heated exchange between the two. Swift thought she was being called out while Minaj clearly stated it had nothing to do with Swift (even though it really seemed pointed at her). Multiple celebrities got involved and fans everywhere were siding with each of the celebrities. However, in the end, Swift apologized to correct her mistake.

Here's Swift's apology.

Minaj accepted the apology.

HOWEVER, Minaj is play both sides of the fence because she acknowledged Perry's dig at Swift. I guess just because they're fighting doesn't mean Minaj can't be friends with both. Interesting feud triangle.

Minaj's further confirmation that everything between her and Swift are solved.


I love this. This is so much more feminist than any of that BS Taylor was whining about before.
Whoa!!! Glad they're not just perpetuating the drama for publicity's sake :) very mature of them.
Minaj makes me smile. hahha
Thank goodness they could sort this out haha. It was going to tear apart Twitter and the celebrity world if it wasn't resolved too. Definitely gained a lot of respect for Nicki through all of this!