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Not everyone likes to workout, or eat veggies, or run 5 miles before work. And I know this may come as a shock to all you fat shammers out there but, not everyone wants rock hard abs and a flat stomach. But just because you don't want to bulk up and the thought of the gym makes you want to gag, doesn't mean you can't be your very own health nut.
Start small, like still remaining in your house small. The kitchen is always the best part of the house. Start adding more color to your foods, making your fridge look like "one of those tumblr fridges", like the rainbow was just packed away to chill for the next few hours.
Start stumbling upon recipes that you never thought you would try and fall in love with healthy alternatives. Embrace the healthy snack life and notice just how much fuller you feel.
Unleash some of your pent up energy. Eating well will build up your energy so fast and it is time to let loose. Go dancing, jump in the ocean and see just how far you can swim, set up a game with your friends, loser buys the ice cream. Google a yoga class, stretch out in your living room with some herbal tea and flex your body into positions you never even thought were possible. Challenge yourself, not by forcing yourself to hit the gym, but my finding new and creative ways to get your body moving.
Heath nut doesn't mean 3 a days at the gym with protein powder and almonds for dinner. Being a health nut is discovering your own way towards a healthy body and mind. Its about enjoying the process as much as enjoying the extra strength, energy and happiness making small changes have brought to your life.
I love this :)
@alywoah thanks so much! i just want people to realize that being healthy isn't a one size fits all category !