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thank you jrekml for watching the video, you catch things that my subscriptions dont get anyways, to the review!
now, I'm quite excited for this review because prior to this video, I hadn't ever heard of Z.TAO before, and frankly, I'm glad that I came across him :) FIRSTLY, I'd like to point out his accessories. Its quite pleasing to see someone who wears similar goggles as me, not to mention that his scarf is quite artistic, making him look like somewhat of a video game character through the entire video with different settings. THE SOUND of the song itself is pretty interesting. He seems to be combining elements of melodic dubstep with hip hop, making some KILLER dance music. I imagine Korean clubs are racing to get this into their tracks. AS FOR THE DANCE does it remind anyone else of taeyangs ringa linga? no? okay.... but I must say, the dance fits the music, just enough crimping and synchronization to satisfy anyone... and I do say without regrets; he DOES know how to hit that whip.
IN CONCLUSION -he can work pink eyeliner -hes a good dancer -its good club music -i'm impressed with the melodic dubstep -I want to see more HAVE OTHER THOUGHTS? FEEL FREE TO COMMENT :) -melz
@poojas I have to say... I havent read them yet... so i dont know yet, but it couldnt get much worse than some of the things that ameicans put out
You can add this in your card then lol “I believe in my perseverance. I believe in my choice. When I left, I learned what freedom is. When I left on my own, I learned why I am returning now.” That's part of the lyrics and apparently fans are saying he's being ungrateful to EXO and stuff...
Great card @SubarsahiDAren! What are your thoughts on the lyrics? There seems to be some controversy over that...