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I'm not sure if anyone loves Anthropologie more than me. But for the budget-conscious, shopping there is more of a splurge one in a blue moon. And if you love linens and pillows as much as me, then you are going to love this tassel diy pillow.
Supplies for this:
4-7 different fabric prints in coordinating colors
Heavy white fabric sized to fit your pillow
Fabric pencil/marker
Glass or other round object to trace
On the wrong side of the fabrics you chose, trace the glass to make a bunch of circles.
Cut out the circles and fold over into quarters as seen here.
Pin the quarter tassels with the point always at the top. Be sure to overlap them from side to side. If you want the rows of tassels to overlap from row to row, then you should sew the straight line beginning at the bottom row. However, if you don't care for them to overlap, you will find it easier to sew at the top first.
This is a pillow cover, so feel free to click here for the tutorial on how to finish this into a pillow.