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Aside from EVERYTHING. Obviously.

It's no mystery- Sherlockians are an extremely dedicated bunch. People outside the fandom might be puzzled, but we know what we're about. From intricately detailed cosplays, to intensely thought-out meta criticism, you can feel their passion even if you've never experienced it yourself. At this point, we don't need a reason. But if you ever feel the need to explain yourself, here are just a few of the reasons we love Sherlock:

The Snark

We will never get enough sass. Whether it's John complaining about Sherlock's late rescue, or Sherlock losing his patience with everyone around him, the BBC has been serving some solid sass every single episode.

The Bro... Romance?

Whether you're team Johnlock or team platonic, we're all in this together, because Sherlock and John are the centerpiece of the show. Their snark, their brilliance, their seemingly impossibly happy companionship drives the show.

The Design

Even if you hated the show (how could you?!), the design is fantastic. Sherlock has influenced the way we depict smartphones on film. The cinematography during John and Mary's wedding was beyond stunning. The entire experience is beautiful from start to finish.

The Fandom

We all suffered and rejoiced together. We anticipated Red Pants Monday. We lived through the hiatus. We sobbed about Alone on the Water for days and then made sure all of our friends read it, too. We're a wack, weird group, and it's truly been an honor to wait with you all.

The Purple Shirt

Who else still has feelings about this shirt? Dear Sherlock costume design team: thank you, thank you, thank you for putting Benedict Cumberbatch in this shirt. It is very important, and we will be forever grateful.
Obviously this isn't an exhaustive list. I wouldn't be surprised if I missed your favorite thing about Sherlock. Tell me about it!
The witty banter between Sherlock and Watson! (similar to the Snark and the Bromance.) But yeah, the writing is exceptional!
@JessicaChaney haha I can't believe I didn't mention the PLOT. It was so good you're totally right! I'm on team Johnlock too but I'm an equal-opportunity shipper :D I'm glad I'm not alone though hehehe
I loved the plot and how I was on the edge oft seat the entire time and I just love everything about it. Plus I'm on team JohnLock, they are just simply made for each other
@nicolejb the writing for sure! It's a very tightly written show, and the mysteries always keep me guessing!
@kimikodrago @JessicaChaney @dancinqueen2005 @nicolejb let me know your favorite things! I'm sure I missed plenty of reasons to love the show ^_^