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Pre-date jitters can make even the tiniest decisions feel monstrously significant.

Will I look too dressy if I wear heels? Should I wear lipstick? What if we kiss and it gets all over his face?? And what the HECK should I do with my hair???
Never fear! As far as the hair goes, at least, I've got you covered! Make him fall for you with these gorgeous do's. They're so easy that anyone can do them!

Au Naturale: Long, Loose, and Wavy

What guy doesn't love a girl's natural hair, left down and flowing? Run your fingers through your natural waves, leaving them just a little bit messy, to look effortlessly beautiful.
If your hair is naturally straight, use a curling iron to give a loose curl to just the bottom third or so. Trust me, guys love the natural look. A little tousle will have him thinking about what he'd like to do to you when the date is over.

Parisian Charm: Tied Back with a Ribbon

Ribbons are the most romantic accessory. They're feminine and sweet, and something guys just can't resist! Going with a flesh tone or a neutral like black or white keeps it from being too little-girl.
Use an inconspicuous hair tie to put hair half up, then cover the tie with a ribbon tied into a bow. If you'd rather get your hair off your neck (especially key in this hot summer weather!), use a ribbon to finish off a low pony or loose braid.

Classy and Chic: Romantic Low Bun

If your date is at a more upscale location, you might want to add a little class to your look with a demure low bun. I love Anne Hathaway's sophisticated take above, with a center part and a few romantic tendrils framing the face. To keep things a bit more casual, try Julia Roberts' spin: a side-parted messy chignon at the nape of the neck, with side pieces left loose.
This is a great look to keep hair out of your food and out of your way, while not being quite as strict or princess-y at the top knot. And talk about a timeless classic!

Sweet Simplicity: Cute Accent Braid

A small braid adds an adorable little feminine, boho accent, but isn't overly complicated. Try Taylor's simple braid headband, which looks especially nice with her eyelash grazing bangs; or with a side part, as in the second photo above (I'm choosing to ignore that weird hair accessory because wut).
My favorite? Photo #3, the gorgeous side twist fishtail braid by Running on Happiness. Check out the video tutorial above – it truly could not be easier!
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