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Before all this, I never had to miss you, yknow?
I never had to.
I always knew we'd see each other again.
We'd pick up wherever we'd left off.
Now all I have is missing you.
It's all that's left.
all I have left are the stories
the times we were togehter
memories fading fast, and I try to hang on.

Why didn't we take more pictures together?

I've just got the songs that meant something to you,
to us, the music we shared
happy songs
dont sound so happy
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this is better than "anything."
2 years ago·Reply
I like this a lot. It's really sad. Agreed, well done
2 years ago·Reply
It captures the grief emotion very well.
2 years ago·Reply
A feeling known all to well. Wonderful expression.
2 years ago·Reply
thanks @growingart. it was kind of an "in memoriam" thing for me
2 years ago·Reply