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Once again inspired by @VinMcCarthy and his awesome flash fiction challenges. This one asks about the last first day someone might experience. It kind of blew my mind for a second. But I really like the idea I came up with!
Yeah. Yeah, I've had a lot of 'last times' before. You know. Every cigarette is the last one. This time. This time. Until you take the next one. Buy another pack. Bum one off a friend while you're out drinking... yeah. Had a lot of last drinks too. This one's for you pops. This one's for the new year, new me.
People tell you nothing is ever as good as the first time, but there's nothing better than the last time. You really savor it, you know? In a way you don't know to do the first time. The first time is all this rush, this feeling, this newness you want to exploit. The last time is... it's bittersweet is what it is.
So yeah. Yeah. I've done this before. The shitty chairs and the funk and the voluntary commitment forms and all that. That stuff. Yeah. Been here before- not "here" here, not Here with a capital H. But you know like, been here before. Been through this experience. Or whatever.
Nah. No. Yeah. For the last time. I don't wanna go back. Be where I've been again. I know I feel like this, like uh, like a rotating door or something. Going in and out, back and forth, but not anymore okay? I wanna be better this time.
Anyway. Hi. I'm Michael. I'm an addict. It's nice to meet you all.
(I hope we leave and never get to see each other again).
Sorry. That was rude, wasn't it?
@buddyesd you should totally go for it! I don't think that I've met a more supportive group of writers anywehre else before.
wow yall are really supportive thanx :D
@buddyesd I'm echoing what @shannonl5 and @VinMcCarthy have said! do it!
@VinMcCarthy ok i should have something in a couple of days
@shannonl5 I'll give it a shot :)
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