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Pentatonix is an all-vocal a cappella group that is pretty much the best ever. Not only do their YouTube videos get millions of views, but they are actually getting clout in the music industry. As an all-vocal group, that’s a pretty tough feat.

Here are some reasons why should be obsessed with them right NOW:

1. They are arguably the best all-voice band ever.

Straight No Chaser is good, and I mean Home Free had some hits...but they aren’t Pentatonix. They are currently touring with Kelly Clarkson, sold out their own shows around the world, and presented an award at the Grammys. They even released a documentary about their world tour. They are pretty hot right now.

2. They are just a bunch of choir nerds.

They are self-described total choir nerds and music nerds in band that met in high school in Arlington, Texas. The group came together and competed in the third season of NBC's “The Sing-Off” in 2011. Winning a record deal.
From there they kept trying new and innovative music, and their popularity only increased.

3. They love their fans.

The group is known for staying after their shows and meeting their fans. The invite fans on stage, and sometimes they even go to local bars to grab beers with their concert-goers.
Story time! I once saw them in at the airport, but couldn’t get through the crowds to say “hi!” I tweeted at them and they immediately tweeted back, wishing me the best. How great are they?!

4. They are adorably weird.

Especially Mitch & Scott who’s bromance has manifested itself into Superfruit (a pretty awesome YouTube channel) and Scomiche (their couple name that was then made into a Tumblr). They’ve been best friends for a while so it’s pretty fabulous to see them as their real selves.

5. They are reshaping the all-voice music industry.

...and making a cappella cool again. Not only doing covers, but even writing their own original music, and making weird and funky mashups. As an a cappella nerd, it makes me happy to see such a talented group lead the community of aca-nerds. Props to Pentatonix.
@supershowolarmy can probably vouch for me on all of these.
plus they are all very, very attractive people. they did some song with some famous violinist, I think it was an imagine dragons cover. it knocked my socks off. literally. I'm not wearing socks now
@nicolejb MAJORLY HUGE ! I'm a choir nerd as well (I was never good though. Still love to sing) and all my friends came from choir and band 😁😁😁
i really love pentatonix and im so happy that all of them are music nerds!!! (MUSIC NERDS UNITE!!) Cuz also my friends are all from the music department.... YAY MUSIC NERDS
@nicolejb they met somewhere but I don't remember. It was said on an interview somewhere though. But Kevin is from Kentucky and Avi is Californian
Only Mitch,Scott and Kirstie are from Texas though
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