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People were in shock when The Roots became the house band for The Tonight Show but the move has put them on stages with entertainment’s biggest stars. The well calculated plan has opened the door for The Roots to expand their fan base due to the national limelight of the show. Mainstream America has accepted the collective with open arms.

Today The Roots announced they are journeying into a new frontier: Broadway musicals.

The Roots will executive produce the original cast soundtrack for Hamilton, which is a hip-hop musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton. The play recently received a rave review from the New Yorker (I love the fact that the the composer and star of “Hamilton,” says that Alexander Hamilton reminds him of Tupac Shakur.)
This has all the makings of a smash on Broadway. It’s rare we get to see hip-hop mesh into the world of Broadway, but when it happens, people always come out and support.
The soundtrack will be released through Atlantic Records this fall. Pre-orders will be available as soon as the show opens its run. Do yourself a favor and march over to the Richard Rodgers Theatre on W. 46 St. Hamilton on August 7th for the opening show, you won’t regret it!
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AH THIS IS AWESOME. Hamilton looks soo good! President Obama saw the musical last weekend, and ever since the ticket sales have been through the roof.