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Single and find yourself with a lot of free time? Instead of filling it up with netflix binges (which is fine) here are some ideas I've found myself doing that could work for you as well (When I'm not vegitating).
Get physically active! I'm an avid climber + and yogi (brogi?) which would have never happened if I didn't look for something to patch up my time in the single life. I've made a lot of good friends and genuinely enjoy any time I have to practice either one. But you can try running, dancing, hiking, swimming, weight lifting, frisbee, soccer etc. all which are relatively inexpensive. The community behind any activity is also strong so you'll make good friends off something you know you share an interest in. Meetup is great for this and facebook groups.
Pick up a skill! Level yourself up! Have you had any thought of picking up an instrument, learning how to cook, sew, change car breaks, etc? Well enjoy that free time and practice! In a way it'll give you a passion which is important throughout any stage of your life. Guys and gals, if you don't know how to cook and are single get on that. You'll love yourself for it. Google will help you find tutorials on pretty much anything.
Professionally advance yourself. No exclamation mark on this one because it's serious. There are so many online resources it's almost criminal if you don't spend time learning something. Coding will teach you to build apps and websites. Cooking will help you land a job as a chef, mixing drinks will get you into bartending etc. There are plenty of seminars that happen in major cities that will help you make professional connections/network in your field. Even picking up a book can help you on the path of becoming a personal trainer. Always move forward to a better, more financially secure you. Meetup is great for finding seminars and coursera is a wonderful tool for online classes, as well as YouTube.
Go on dates, flirt, anything! The last one is the most obvious but often the most overlooked. Sometime we either forget how to play the game, get shy, feel inadequate etc. Just have fun with it and remember to plan a date every once in a while. Some of us might actually get too busy and overlook this part which is okay. It means you're enjoying your life which is what really matters. If you're ready to share your valuable time with someone go on some dates! Otherwise stick to developing yourself, you'll find someone when the times right (otherwise you won't be ready). Real life approaches are the best method. Okcupid can be okay but nothing beats walking up to a group and talking about ice cream to land a date.
This is awesomee!!! I've been trying to read more in my free time and consistently take a dance class (cardio dance! woo!) but it's hard to get into that habit...but I have to say I know when I'm dating I never have time for this kind of me time. I love it!
@nicolejb It's easy to forget how much time is actually yours when you're doing awesome things and having fun!
YES to all of these! I never realized how great it is to have that extra free time since I’ve been single. I exercise more, get time for my hobbies, and truly invest in MYSELF. but yeah, the flirting is fun too :)
@danidee Exactly! I actually wanted to lick up surfing so I'll need one like that on the east coast lol @allischaaff Brogi is totally a term along with Broga :) Indeed! Who doesn't love ice cream??? That was my plan of action and it worked @jordanhamilton Definitely glad you liked it! @shannonl5 No matter what you'll always have yourself so make yourself awesome :) Also that movie is pure gold
So true @EddiePozo! When you are out and about doing things you love you stop worrying about finding a significant other!
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