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If you're facially expressive, it can often get awkward.

1) You're a bad liar 2) Everyone immediately knows how you feel about something 3) But people will appreciate you genuine reactions (in most cases) Thanks, face.

When Someone Says Something Stupid

When You're Flirting

When Someone Does Something Very Thoughtful For You

When Your Friend Wants to Wear Her Crappy Outfit

When Someone Passes Loud Gas

You Can't Believe They Just Said That

Surprise! He Just Took Off His Pants

...And When You're Over It

Omg, yesssss. Nicki is so real. And I can totally relate to this. I'm always making a face and then trying to make eye contact with the person standing next to me like 'Did you just see what happened?'
i am definitely really expressive and u try so hard to hide that hhaa
Ahahaha this is amazing. @alywoah my question is, do you know that feel because you also have an expressive face?? Finally, someone who understands me!! Haha
Omg this is so real