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One more post before bed
www.youtube.com1DAA50E1-0355-420D-A1AD-2C244287F3DCCreated with sketchtool.
BTS(방탄소년단) 가요대제전 Intro performance Trailer: https://youtu.be/hoTBL39i60M This goes out to all the Fangirls out there...I like these guys but I wouldn't consider myself a fan but this was just way too cool not to share...if you're a fangirl of theirs and have a heart condition, please don't watch...you may not survive...ㅋㅋㅋ
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Lol BTS is awesome! Omg I need to get in on this conversation in Korean...too bad I'm still not at that level lol
@poojas, that's about the extent of my skills in Korean... simple statements... maybe a reply...I'm nowhere close to conversation level yet