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There are different kinds of love; this we know to be true, or at least acknowledge. There is the swooning, big romantic love. There is the quiet, tender love. There is the love you might have for a cherished family pet. There is the love of friendship, of people whom you choose to include in your life. There is familial love, the bond betwen family.
There is also the love between brothers. Love, that binds your hearts with the sturdy chords of fraternal affection. Love that makes your bond a virtue. Love that transcends some ethereal boundary.
Brotherly love (and sisterly love, of course) is a particular kind of beast. It is somehow both hot and cold love, and it is love that necessitates a level of involvement that waxes and wanes.
You will not always like your brother, and I would say that you very rarely might. Though still, you always love them. You don't even always 'care' about them. Care, to me, seems like a level of involvement that asks for you to feel some responsibility.
Think: between brothers, whose bond was forged in the womb or in the fire, don't need to care so much, in this way of seeing it. I think that would be too much, too presumptive. Brothers can love without 'care', can see the virtue of a more distanced love.
Brothers are by definition united by something- something great, something small, something awful, something wonderful. Whatever it may be, it brings these two people together, keeping them together for life.
It just makes losing a brother that much more difficult.