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Concrete Jungle is a documentary that chronicles the history of skateboarding and hip-hop. In 2007, the director of the film -- Eli Morgan Gesner -- was approached to make this documentary being that he's considered an "insider" in both skate and rap culture. But after a year of shooting/editing, the project was ultimately scrapped. But seven or eight years later, a rough cut of the film surfaced on YouTube.
I spent the forty-five minutes last night -- before passing out -- watching this documentary and I was nothing but delighted. As someone who grew up skateboarding right before it became a cultural phenomenon, I felt like it captured a time when people still didn't really understand skateboarding -- especially on the East Coast.
I felt equal parts nostalgia and pride while I was watching this. And I was pleasantly surprised because not only does it cover both skate and hip-hop culture, it also includes an unwritten history of New York City. There's a lot in this doc and I can't wait to dive into it some more.
You can watch Concrete Jungle above.